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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ginger for weight loss

Useful properties of certain plants can use them during the treatment of certain diseases. If, however, apply to such plants like ginger, it has many useful properties.

Useful properties of certain plants can use them during the treatment of certain diseases. If, however, apply to such plants like ginger, it has many useful properties. The most important are:

* The ability of ginger to improve cerebral blood flow;
* Withdrawal of toxic substances;
* Prevention and treatment of colds;
* Prevention and treatment of peptic ulcer;
* Normalization of fat metabolism;
* Pain syndrome;
* Prevention of cancer, etc.
But today I wanted to be stay on the effects of ginger on a person's weight. It turns out that you can use ginger for weight loss.
In ginger are essential amino acids. They are known to play an important role in the proper metabolism. Regular use of ginger normalizes fat metabolism. Fatty fats entering the body, are assimilated to a greater extent.
To use this feature ginger, you must add it in dried or pickled form for meat (fat) and fish dishes. Ditto for this goal must be to use ginger tea.
According to Tibetan representations, Ginger is the hot product, which speeds up metabolism. There are numerous positive reviews for ginger as a means for weight loss. Lower female site presents a number of recipes that will help all who wish to make this drink at home.
Cut the slices of ginger root, put it in a thermos. Ginger is filled with boiling water, infused. Prepared tea to drink during the day. For those who are dieting, this drink can be consumed at any time. Otherwise the tea to drink for 30 minutes before meals.
Ginger root should be cut into small pieces and pour clean water. This mixture should be brought to a boil, and cook for another 15 minutes on medium heat. The drink then cooled to body temperature and added, if desired, such ingredients as honey, lemon juice. In addition to these ingredients in the drink, you can add your favorite parts. For example, some Hollywood star (Demi Moore) is added to the drink mint, lemon balm. And added to the drink list cranberry improves kidney and bladder.
The following recipe is ginger for weight loss is designed for those who relieves a lot of weight. In this case, ginger tea contains the following: ginger, garlic, water. The content of the ingredients must be taken in the following proportions: 1:1:20. Cooked tea for weight loss should insist 15 minutes, after which it is filtered and drink throughout the day.
But you can use not only the proposed women's site recipes, but also his own. Ginger for weight loss has several very important features. Ginger can be used not only at that point in time when people actively lose weight, lose weight. You can always brew with tea (black, green). If ginger tea drink with honey, it is necessary to slow or has been diluted in warm tea (or eat it with a spoon). Since ginger tea invigorates, it is not advisable to drink in the evening.
Ginger for weight loss, according to reviews, can be used not only in the form of tea, but also in handling salads. To make this salad, you must take the following ingredients:

* One piece ginger root, celery, orange peel;
* Two pieces of sugar beet (pre-baked in the oven) and lemon juice;
* Three pieces of carrots (fresh).
But to the ginger for weight loss maintained their quality, you need to properly store it. Thus, according to the recommendations of the women's magazine, fresh ginger can be stored in the refrigerator no more than a week, but dried up to 4 weeks. You can not use cellophane for storage. Clean the ginger as thinly as possible, since the largest number of mineral substances for the body is stored under the skin of ginger. During grinding can not use wooden utensils, it is better to take small grater. If you use dried ginger, then it is soaked before use.


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